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English to Hebrew Translations

           When it Comes to Translations, Context is Key


Academic Translations

Translations for Organizations and Non-profits

Marketing Translation,
with a specialization in the
Travel & Tourism Field


Localization and Translation of Web Content

Subtitles Translations

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About Me

I am a translator, working on English to Hebrew translations. I have a translation certificate from the Translation Studies Program at Beit Berl College, a B.A. in psychology and history, and an M.A. in American history from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. I have experience in academic translations, translations for organizations and non-profits, subtitles translation, marketing translation, and localization of web content.

When it comes to translations, context is key. The word context here does not refer only to specific words, sentences, or paragraphs, but it refers to a complete set of considerations. For example, who is my target audience, what is the discipline of the specific text, and what is the purpose of the text. To produce the best possible translation, that best suits my clients' needs, I consider all these factors and much more.

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